A pricing term under which the vendor’s only obligation would be to clear the goods for export and also make them accessible to the purchaser at an agreed-upon place (factory, warehouse, ship, etc.). The customer then bears the full cost and risk involved in transporting the product to his desired location. Other terms used are “Ex Works,” Ex Ship,” and “Ex Quay.”

When used in terms of sales (such as ex-dock, ex-factory, ex-ship), ‘ex’ signifies that the quoted price applies only at the specified place (the dock, factory, or ship) where the seller will place the products at the customer’s order on the specified date. All charges from that place onwards will be paid directly by the buyer and are not included in the seller’s price.

When used with offers for sale (such as ex-dividend, ex cap, ex-rights),’ ex’ suggests that the buyer isn’t eligible to take part in the indicated expected event (distribution of dividend, scrip problem, or rights issue) but may take part in the further events.