An invoice provided by a seller before the shipment of product, informing the buyer of the types and amounts of products to be shipped, their price, and essential specifications (weight, dimension, etc.).

A proforma invoice is an initial bill of sale delivered to customers in advance of dispatch or delivery of products. The invoice will typically explain the bought items and other relevant details such as the shipping weight and transportation fees. It indicates the type and quantity of products, their price, and other significant information such as weight and transportation fees. They differ from a general statement rather than being a request or demand for payment.

The customer agrees to the indicated cost on the pro forma bill, And then the seller delivers the product. There’s no way back after that the seller fulfilled its end of the bargain as it’s all agreed up front. Also, There are different advantages to pro forma bills, They’re perfect if the seller doesn’t have the details for a commercial invoice – for example, before the goods are delivered. As an extension of the pro forma invoices are often sent to announce that the value of products for customs to get a smooth delivery process. They are not a payment demand or request. Pro forma invoices are ‘good faith’ agreement, so your client is aware of what to expect. Some businesses request proforma statements for their internal purchasing approval process.