the typically found 12 digits as the barcode on almost any products found in the retail world.

Universal product code barcode types realistic set with two-dimensional matrix symbols and numbers system vector illustration

The universal product code (UPC) is a 12-digit number and associated machine-readable barcode used to identify products being bought in grocery shops. The first and last digits are separated from the others and written in smaller font size.
It consists of two parts, the machine-readable barcode, which is a series of unique black bars, and the unique 12-digit number beneath it.

The purpose of UPCs would be to make it straightforward to determine product characteristics, such as the brand name, product, size, and color, when an item is scanned at checkout. That’s the reason they have been made in the first place, To accelerate the checkout procedure at grocery shops. UPCs are also valuable in tracking inventory in a store or warehouse.