What is (Certificate of origin)

Some countries ask for a certain document of product for tariff purposes, the document verifies the original country of the identified products.

What is (Booking)

A"booking" is a won, signed, or dedicated sale. It is important to be aware that a booking isn't necessarily invoiceable until you've given the item or completed the necessary services.

What is CPT (Carriage Paid To)

Similar to the seller's responsibilities in CIF plus that the shipper has to pay for the freight insurance and appointing the customer for the insurance while the products are in the process of shipping and transit.

What is (Certificate of Manufacture)

A statement with a manufacturer, occasionally notarized, which simplifies that production was completed and the products are at the disposal of the purchaser.

What is (Handling Charges)

a fee added on top of the product price, taxes, and shipping costs at checkout.

What is (Export Broker)

A person or a company which brings both the exporter and importer together for a price, and then draws back from their business. meaning that he/she will not join the trade between two sides.

What is (Export)

sending or shipping any type of products and stuff to abroad and overseas countries.

What is (Import License)

to import products in any country, there will be a need for some documents which are issued and approved by the country's government's officials, this type of documents are called Importing license.

What is (Certificate of inspection)

A document which proves the good condition of the product just until its shipping.

What is (Customs)

The officials that are responsible to collect duties imposed by a government of a country on imports and exports.