Amazon Is Searching For Space In NY To Build A New Office

Amazon is allegedly back on the market for office space in New York City, that, though accurate, is a sweet bit of vindication for critics of the company’s entire HQ2 fracas.

The New York Post reports that Amazon is searching for office space in NYC once more, now in new office buildings on the upswing on Manhattan’s west side. Per the Post’s sources, the business is looking at two different areas in the Manhattan West megaproject: a 250,000-square-foot area in One Manhattan West, plus a metropolitan area” at the top of” Two Manhattan West. Developer Brookfield Properties remains on the search for an anchor tenant for the latter skyscraper, which is scheduled for completion at 2022.

That footprint is significantly more compact than the 4 million to 8 million square feet of space Amazon intended to build out for its HQ2 undertaking. But the simple fact that the business is still planning to grow its New York appearance without a specially crafted premium package seems to prove the simple point lots of the deal’s critics made, which is that significant cities with large pools of business and engineering talent do not need to bow to corporate profit so as to attract significant technology companies, which are inclined to go where they can discover enough employees.

There is no sign that Amazon’s search for New York office area will be on par with what it had intended for HQ2: a core for 25,000 employees, along with investments in public infrastructure and brand new schools, which came with the promise of billions of dollars in subsidies. For its part, Amazon advised the Post-it had no opinion.

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