Amazon Quietly Started Promoting Its Mall Kiosks Again

Amazon cannot seem to determine whether it needs its mini-stores inside shopping malls. After the firm decided earlier this year to close the numerous kiosks it’d kept at airports, a couple of new ones have sprung up. As Business Insider notes, Amazon’s renovated mall existence has been called “Presented by Amazon.”

There are currently four locations, All that remain at preferable, high-trafficked malls: Century City Mall in Los Angeles; San Francisco Centre Mall in San Francisco; Old Orchard Mall in Skokie, Illinois; and Fashion Show Mall in Las Vegas.

However, Amazon thinks putting its malls remains a worthwhile effort. The retailer’s website shows one Presented by Amazon distance as being outdoors, but others are very much traditional kiosks.

It’s uncertain when the Presented by Amazon kiosks started if they’ll expand from the current locations, or how they fit in the organization’s plans. Aside from 4-star, Amazon also continues to open new areas for its Amazon Go shops, most recently in New York City. Last month, the company said it would begin accepting money in the Go stores, that were initially positioned as wholly automatic and cashier-free.

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