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One of the key elements which is being forgotten by the Amazon sellers, which will affect their sales process in a while massively, is to manage and monitor the feedback and reviews left by customers under Amazon product pages. No matter how perfect an Amazon seller is at finding products and creating product listings or choosing a perfect selling strategy, once they forget the customers problems with their products, they’ll start to lose interest and money.

FeedbackWhiz is a full package software for Amazon sellers who are seeking to have comprehensive control over their product reviews and feedback. This software is not an all-in-one Amazon seller’s software tool, instead it has its own well developed tools to help users manage and automate emails, monitor product reviews, organize the orders and feedback over products they’re selling on Amazon.

In this review we’re going to take a closer look at the tools and their function and see how FeedbackWhiz is serving Amazon sellers with its platform:

Order Management

Feedbackwhiz’s Order Management is a platform designed to manage the orders and products according to the filters provided on its page, to help the Amazon seller create connections with the customers to get reviews and positive feedback from them.

Order management helps the user, filter the orders list by promotion, feedback, refund, order status, order emails, email campaigns, etc. each line in the list gives what’s needed about order’s status like order ID ( which redirects you to the Amazon seller central ) . Feedbackwhiz’s Order Management then lets users send bulk or single emails to the customers of each order to lead them through leaving feedback or review on the product’s Amazon page. All that’s needed here to do by the Amazon Seller is to customize emails, and the rest of the process is handled by the tool itself according to analytics and filters which have been chosen.

Feedback Management

Feedback Management is a simply designed yet perfectly developed tool to match the Amazon seller’s needs to monitor and follow the feedback of its customers.

Feedbackwhiz’s Feedback management is Covering all the neutral and negative feedback on Amazon seller’s account no matter if it’s FBA or FBM. This tool also Filters the search by order ID, email or by date or by 1-2-3 stars ratings. It helps to focus more on what’s needed to fix a release in sales and make better contact with customers who are not really happy with their purchase.

In the Feedback management page, Each line redirects to the product’s page and its reviews, indicating if any email has been sent by the customer, while showing its date and time. It helps sellers to reply to their email according to the templates or if it’s needed to be customized for each single customer. Resulting a strong brand reputation on Amazon, This Also lets you to contact amazon if it’s needed for more complicated cases.

Feedback management is the Easiest way to track all the seller feedback in one place.

Product Review

Feedbackwhiz’s product review is a tool to help sellers, manage and stay aware of their negative product reviews. Again a simple and clear interface to put all the list and filters in one place and easy to take action over each negative feedback.

The tool itself does notify the seller each time a low rated review is sent by the seller, through email and then it’s simply possible to reply and contact the unsatisfied customer. Also there’s a possibility to remove the customer post if you wish so.

Email Automation

One of the most important tools provided by Feedbackwhiz is Email Automation. The necessity of this tool is defined when you realize how important it is to keep continuous contact with your customers to keep them around your product listings and offers.

In the tool’s page you’ll see the simply designed environment to create or customize your desired emails according to data analytics to find out which email can be the most affecting one for the customers. The ability to make an unlimited amount of email templates helps you save time for the times you’re going to contact customers to earn their positive feedback.

Monitoring and Notifications

Feedbackwhiz’s Monitoring and notification tool works very lucrative to alert you as soon as your product receives a review so it allows you to respond quickly to issues in order to make a good connection with your customers. 

Further you will be notified if someone tries to desolate your Amazon product listing by changing titles and your substantial information so you can retake the control of your selling list .

Meanwhile this tool sends notifications right away if another device logs into your Amazon account, hence you improve your account security and detection of who accesses your account.

 Another facility Feedbackwhiz has is that you will be informed of buy box status either you win or lose the competition, which increases your chance for preserving your buy box status to keep it up.

As we mentioned above at the beginning of the article Feedbackwhiz is not an all in one software.


As we mentioned at the start of this review, Feedbackwhiz is not an All-in-one Amazon software tool, yet it has all the features every Amazon seller needs to monitor, control and manage the reviews and feedback over every product they add in their listings.

With a simple and pretty responsive designed interface, working with this software leaves no problem for the user, anything the Amazon seller needs to work with is just one click away. At the same time, the versatile options and abilities found in Feedbackwhiz does almost everything an Amazon seller needs to take care of its customers and keep in touch with them to help them remain a consistent buyer of their products.

Feedbackwhiz has a pretty reasonable price and campaigns considering what it’s offering to the user. It’s recommended to start to try it with their free package to see how it performs for what it offers to you.

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