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As an Amazon seller, one of the biggest challenges you face is finding profitable products to sell. Thanks to tools like Helium 10 Xray, this task has been made simpler than ever. So, what exactly is this tool, and how can it elevate your Amazon selling game? Let’s find out!

What is Helium 10?

Helium 10 is a comprehensive suite of tools specially designed for Amazon sellers to optimize their sales. Offering over 20 different tools, it caters to every aspect of Amazon selling. One such tool is the Xray.

Overview of Helium 10 Xray

Helium 10 Xray is a product research tool that operates as a Google Chrome extension. It’s designed to provide you with a comprehensive view of a product’s data right on the Amazon product listing page. Think of it as your x-ray vision into the Amazon marketplace.

Why Use Helium 10 Xray?

When it comes to selling on Amazon, knowledge is power. The more information you have about a product, its competitors, and the market trends, the better your decision-making will be. Helium 10 Xray provides you with this essential information at your fingertips.

Detailed Features of Helium 10 Xray

Let’s take a look at the powerful features that Xray offers.

  1. Product Research: Xray provides in-depth product data, including BSR, pricing, reviews, and more.
  2. Market Trends: It offers insights into market trends, helping you make informed decisions.
  3. Sales Estimations: Xray gives accurate sales estimations for each product, so you can forecast potential earnings.
  4. Profit Calculator: It offers a built-in calculator to estimate potential profits after considering all costs.
  5. Inventory Levels: Xray allows you to monitor inventory levels of your competitors, keeping you one step ahead.

How to Use Helium 10 Xray?

Using Helium 10 Xray is a breeze. Simply install the Helium 10 Chrome extension, navigate to any Amazon product listing, and click the Xray button. You’ll be greeted with a wealth of information about the product.

Benefits of Using Helium 10 Xray

The benefits of using Xray are plentiful, from saving time on product research, better understanding market trends, forecasting sales, and ultimately, increasing your profitability.

Comparing Helium 10 Xray with Other Tools

When compared with other product research tools, Xray stands out for its ease of use, the wealth of data it provides, and its accuracy, making it an indispensable tool for any Amazon seller.

Who Should Use Helium 10 Xray?

Helium 10 Xray is ideal for all Amazon sellers, regardless of their level of experience. Whether you’re just starting out or have been in the game for a while, Xray can provide the insights you need to succeed.

Pricing of Helium 10 Xray

Helium 10 Xray is included in the suite of tools offered by Helium 10. The pricing for the entire suite starts from $97/month, with more advanced options available.

Customer Support and User Experience

Helium 10 provides top-notch customer support. Their training resources are extensive, and their support team is responsive and knowledgeable. The user experience of Xray is seamless and intuitive, making product research a breeze.


In conclusion, Helium 10 Xray is an incredible tool for any serious Amazon seller. Its extensive features and insightful data make it a game-changer in the field of product research.


  1. What is Helium 10 Xray?
    • Helium 10 Xray is a powerful product research tool that operates as a Google Chrome extension.
  2. How does Xray work?
    • It works by providing a wealth of information about a product directly on the Amazon product listing page.
  3. Who should use Xray?
    • Any Amazon seller, regardless of their experience level, can benefit from using Xray.
  4. How much does Xray cost?
    • Xray is included in the Helium 10 suite of tools, with pricing starting from $97/month.
  5. Where can I get support for Xray?
    • Helium 10 offers robust customer support and extensive training resources.
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