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Helium 10 Coupon Code, User Guide and Full Review for Best Discount

Helium 10 Coupon Codes

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Helium10 BLACK BOX (Amazon Product Research)

Helium 10’s Black Box Is a perfect tool for finding products according to filters you choose, And its duty is to give you the most accurate results based on the huge database of Helium10. It helps users find the most profitable items to sell on Amazon, which means it will save a massive amount of your time searching for a specific product to add to your product listing.

Blackbox is the starting point for the researching process. It contains 4 different sections named as Marketplace, Competitors, Niche, and Product Targeting.


Marketplace is designed to show you a rich and accurate list of products according to 6 main filters and 14 advanced filters. You can set the filters such as price limitation, shipping size tier, monthly revenue in main filters option and also sales to reviews, variation count, BSR, weight even title keyword search or exclude title keywords, and so on in advanced filters.

After applying the filters in Marketplace you have 3 choices: 1. To go for a fully detailed search about the competitors of the competitor of the product’s idea. 2. To go with Helium10’s chrome extension, X-Ray, Which analyses both the product page and all products for the same keyword you searched. 3. To do both of the above.


In Competitors’ section, You can input your product’s ASIN in the bar and search for the competitors of the competitor on the product’s idea, With the same filters you’ve had in the marketplace section. It will show you a list of product ideas from the competitors in 15 different indicators which has 6 critical information such as last year sales to the selected product’s monthly sales to review’s ratio.

After finding the competitive product(s) and learning about their stats, You can grab their ASIN numbers and directly go to Helium10’s Cerebro, To compare your product idea with competitors.


The Niche stage is similar to Helium10’s X-Ray tool while analyzing the keyword’s search result page on the Amazon product page. You can input your phrase or keyword of your product in the search bar, Then it will indicate a fully detailed list of the criteria of the similar products’ niche. It also contains a similar to the X-Ray bar, Which shows 6useful details about the list. Helium10’s Niche shows the total/average revenue of all related products or average reviews per item in the result list.

By using this section of Helium10’s Black box you just get more and more intimate about the product idea you’re going to sell. It will give you a great vision of the criteria and inform you about customers’ demands and also the other sellers’ activities.

Product targeting

Another tab in Helium10’s  Black Box is dedicated to product targeting, which gives you the ability to look for products that you might use for product targeting. You can search using ASIN also, It has almost similar filters to other tabs but has one difference. Instead of filtering your search by “shipping size tier” you have the “source” filter. It has 3 different options for you:

  1. Frequently Bought Together: It is about the products which are normally bought with the main product, You can see them on the page of the main product. (ex. Buying a hard case along with a new cell phone)
  2. Amazon Suggested: Filtering by the products which Amazon suggests when you open the product’s page.
  3. Customer Also Bought: Filtering the search according to the items that customers also bought them together with the main product. It has its own section on the product page on Amazon.
BlackBox Results

This stage shows you related products and their data, So you’ll not face keywords or data related to it. So it will give you a list of products that you might want to use as your product targeting ads or even give you a comprehensive knowledge of customers’ behavior while shopping. If you’re going to do a product targeting ad, It recommends you ASINs to target with your new product targeting ads.

Helium10 XRay

A very robust Google Chrome extension that you can use it to analyze both product page or your search result page, With scales like ASIN grabber (which is very useful at Cerebro), Profitability calculator (by just using products’ details like scales and price to calculate its profitability), Estimated revenue, Direct access to the product listing optimization via “Scribbles”, and more. All and all in a merely designed Chrome extension, Which gives you a vast possibility to analyze every single product.

As shown in the image below, the extension has 5 different stages that each of them can guide you to find a competent product.

Xray Chrome Extension

After searching in the Black Box’s marketplace, You can go directly to the product’s page and open the extension to start analyzing the products, By the default filterings created for X-Ray.

It opens 18 floating analyzers on its page and will start to analyze every single product which exists on the results. X-Ray has a chart that contains different indicators such as ASIN, brand, Amazon star rating, size tier, etc.

ASIN Grabber:

Another feature in the Helium 10’s chrome extension is ASIN Grabber.  It grabs all the ASIN codes of the products that your search results show in its first 5-6 pages. It contains very useful indicators that are critical to use in Cerebro, The golden tool of Helium10, To analyze the competitors’ ideas on the products and listings.

It will show you the list in another floating window on the page as you can see below:

Profitability Calculator:

When you see a product that looks proper to sell you undoubtedly need to calculate its profitability, That’s the reason the Profitability Calculator is created for. With almost 16 different indicators which bring a great amount of data about each product, also with changeable units and values to help you calculate each product’s different aspects of profitability. Keep in mind that you can use the calculator both on the Amazon product’s page or even on the searching page by pointing on a single product you select.

As you can see, there are changeable units in the calculator which by changing them you can see that the prices will be different, So you can customize the package for your desired product to sell.

Inventory Level:

This tool is designed to give you info about your competitors. It will analyze the situation of other Amazon sellers who are selling similar products to you. Regarding the detail it gives you, you can improve your strategy on selling your product to increase your sales. It indicates the whole details about their inventory, like their stock amount, sellers names, product prices, fulfillment type, and also the rating level of each product according to the reviews.

Review Downloader:

This is the last tool in the Helium10’s chrome extension that grabs the reviews, according to filters you add. You can choose to read all the reviews or just those with low/ high ratings to realize the customers’ feedback about the product. Also, You can see the analysis tab to see the most frequent keywords in those filtered reviews at Review Downloader’s export page.

Also, you can export all the keywords and their usage frequencies in reviews to a CSV file, directly from the export page.

You can examine the time period and tick for different options which you can see in the picture below:

Helium10 Cerebro:

The most praised and one of the most favorite tools among professional Amazon sellers which is offered by Helium10 is Cerebro. Reverse Engineering is used here to help you search into the competitors’ ASIN’s keyword volume and then get the idea to use them for higher selling amounts. Also, it squeezes important data by creating profitable PPC (“pay per click”) campaigns, Specifying Cerebro IQ Scores, Different ranking details and creates valid listings considering the ASIN you’ve entered in the search box.

Cerebro is the edge for Helium10 And you can’t find such a comprehensive and practical tool in any other Amazon seller’s software tools.

After your research process using Blackbox and Xray and making a decision to test the proper products, You can take the ASIN codes you grabbed, Using ASIN Grabber, To Cerebro for making a full analysis on competitors’ behavior over the selling process. By clicking “Get keywords” you’ll get a list of related products from competitors and their used keywords. As you can see in the picture below, you’ll see a lot of details about your search.

After that, you’ll have 11 filters containing 5 advanced filters to customize your search results’ list.

Also on the headline of your search results, you’ll find 9 different indicators from Cerebro IQ Score to Sponsored ASINs and Organic and Sponsored Ranks which respectively are pointing to the approximate position where the product was spotted for the given phrase during recent analysis, and Showing the rank of product according to Sponsored products.

For the subscribed users of Helium10, there is another option to select Get Competitors which is really helpful to chase and follow the competitors to get their products’ ASIN codes. As you can see below, In this Image we could get a full list of competitors and their ASIN codes according to our searching product:

After taking the proper ASIN codes you can do a double-check by controlling them through Xray, to make more accurate product research and also learn about the profitability and competitors’ activity on products and learn about their ideas. It is called true Reverse Engineering.

Helium10 Magnet 2:

Helium10’s perfect keyword research tool that helps the Amazon Seller, create product listings using the most accurate keywords.

The next step after the research process on Xray and earning the keyword ideas is to enter the keywords into Magnet2’s search box and see a massive list of products with similar keyword ideas.

Magnet 2’s interface is similar to Cerebro but different in action thus it has different indicators and abilities. The difference in the first line, With Cerebro, Is “Top Products” and “the searched keyword’s analysis” tabs. The former is showing the top products with similar keyword criteria with their ASIN codes which you can directly open in Cerebro too. The latter is giving you information about the keyword’s search volume, match type, CPR 8-day giveaways, and Magnet IQ Score ( This is an internal score we give to keywords to show the ratio between search volume and competition. A higher score means there is a good ratio of low competition to high search volume. The more competition there is for this keyword phrase, the lower the score. )

As you can see in the photo you can add your desired filters to customize your index as much as you want. By the way, It would be very nice if you again use your top keywords in Xray by searching them on Amazon. It would help you make sure about your search and you’ll get much more informed about the customers’ demand and behaviors.

By finishing the process of creating your listings, you can directly export them to Helium10’s Frankenstein.

Helium10 Frankenstein:

According to Helium10, Frankenstein is the most powerful keyword processor out there. It has an engine that brings your keyword searching process into a whole new level. Frankenstein generates very rich listings out of keywords Then proceeds to create a “cash-generating” inventory as Helium10’s team claims.

You can import your keyword list which has been created by magnet2 or Cerebro, Then use Frankenstein’s filters to get your desired keyword list in less than three seconds.

As you can see below, The Output settings are there to filter your results. You can remove duplicates, maintain phrases, remove common words, remove single letters, etc. Also, There’s a possibility to remove special characters and replace some words with phrases you prefer as a priority.

On the results tab, the exported keywords are really valid and accurate. You can sort your list the way you want, And save or copy them right away. The next step is to export your keywords to Scribbles for making your final listing.

Helium10 Scribbles

In Helium10’s Scribbles, we face a Listing Optimizer that manages to create an inventory that contains critical keywords and keyphrases, Depending on customers’ demand and searching volume, And directly export them to your seller central using Amazon’s seller API. Ready to use, and very accurate so that you can be sure about your listing’s validation.

To create an optimized listing, It analyses your words which are imported and shows you how much they’re used in your listings. In that situation, you can choose the most accurate keywords by their priority to create your optimized listing.

Helium10 Misspellinator

Helium10’s misspellinator is a spell-checking tool. It responds very fast and by copying your list from Frankenstein or scribbles, you can directly paste and see the results in a nick of time, it will show you all related misspelled words, their popularity (which means that how common is it to misspell the word by customers) and indicating that if the word is auto-correctable by Amazon or not. It will help you to catch those shoppers who are searching by misspelling words and getting low volume results, so you can add those misspelled words to your listing and catch them instantly. Since it is very common in the searching process that a customer searches “laptp cae” instead of “laptop case”, or “leether walet” instead of “leather wallet”, it is very critical to catch those misspelling customers and direct them into your Amazon product listing.

Helium10 Mobile Tracker

One of the latest tools that Helium10 has released is Market Tracker. A fresh and perfectly designed tool to help you have comprehensive control and monitoring over the whole market of Amazon products instead of sticking to subjects like keywords, competitors, or product sales. Helium10’s Market Tracker helps you know your market, know your competitors, and to know where you stand as an Amazon seller in the competition.

By considering your sales, pricing, BSR, and revenue changes you’ll realize whose market share is growing, which competitors are getting reviews or who is falling behind by getting daily product suggestions, see relative performances, and always keep you in a loop with updates of your market.

As Market tracker has an instinctive, easy to use and easy to read interface you’ll save your time to focus on your next move and your selling by helping not just tracking a product or a keyword, but by letting you track a whole Amazon market.

Helium10 Portals

Another recent update to the Helium10’s toolbox to make the most out of your time is Portals. 

It is designed to keep the Amazon seller more updated using social media tricks and advertising to redirect traffic to the seller’s product page, straightly. 

Helium10’s Portals allows you to build sales funnels and there is no need to drive traffic to your Amazon listing anymore by using this trendy tool. You are able to drive traffic directly to your product page through social media, paid apps, and email lists just like redirecting pages. you also have quick access to multiple landing page formats (sales, email opt-in, thank you pages, etc.)

Portals acquire customer’s information and retarget them as easy as a click. It is very critical in today’s world which is surrounded by social media advertisements to keep up to date and get the traffic which is mostly busy with social media networks into your product listings and product pages.

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